minstrel: Songs, Stories, and Dracos Mundanium....

Benson, William R. BensoWR at aries.76products.com
Tue Jul 29 12:28:42 PDT 1997

Greetings All!
I have been called, by my friends, a "warrior bard", which is code for
having a whole bunch of good friends who are willing to look past the
mis-fingered guitar chords, occasional verbal stumbles, mind-blocks,
vapor-locks, and attempts to speak Swahili, and allow me to perform
before them because they know I can carry a tune (if nothing else), and
because they know that it is my humble way of giving them a part of my
soul.  All this while realizing that, every once in a while, Draughir's
got to go out and skewer someone on the rapier filed, or be someone's
pell out on the heavy weapon's field.  With this in mind, I would like
to request a boon from you storyteller's out there who have more to pass
along other than what are found in these hallowed electronic halls.  I
would like to hear your sage wisdom concerning the art of the story
teller.  I am far better suited to use my voice than I ever will my
instrament, and wish to play my part in keeping the fine art of
storytelling alive.
In the meantime, I wish to put the word out concerning an opportunity
for Celtic minstrels to be heard by the general public...

(EVAST and GADZOOKS!!! Mundane-ity rears its ugly head!!! Back you
beast!  Back I say!) 

...Anyway, for those of you who reside in the southern Los Angeles
County area, or Orange County, or even San Diego County, there is a
tavern owner in Tustin who has voiced to me a wish to have a "Celtic"
night, when the songs turned back the clock and the "auld" songs filled
the hall.  Well, I figured right then and there that if he wanted
"auld", I might be able to find some "auld" for him.

...You see, I know this group of people who sing the songs that were
sung before there were Scotsmen or Irishmen...

If anyone is interested in the details of this opportunity, give me a
yell here.  I realize that this deals with the mundane wourld, but I
thought you might like to hear of an opportunity to spread our kind of
muse amongst the common folk, and perhaps even a wee bit of
...  We now return you to the Current Middle Ages...
In Service To The Dream,
I am,
Lord Draughir MacDrochit Gaidhael

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