Rex Deaver rdeaver at cgro.com
Tue Jul 29 07:12:21 PDT 1997

I find I must take issue with (True) Thomas:

At 11:53 PM 7/28/97 -0400, TrueRhymer at aol.com wrote:

>I've been known to tell 3 or 4 twenty+ stories at one fire, and still get
>asked for more.  Any group that can't handle more than a 5 minute story,
>needs to go sit in front of their tv's...

This attitude is antithetical to one of the basic tenets of performance;
Know your audience.  

It is not my place (or yours, or anyone's) to decide to hog the fire and
everyone else's desires and sensibilities be damned.  That you have found
audiences for multiple long stories speaks well of both your audience and
your abilities as a storyteller.  To to imply that this is (or should be)
the norm, and to blythely dismiss any audience who does not agree, does not
speak well for your empathy with the audience.

>the age old art of storytelling was
>made for SCA fires, but pitiful little of it is being done (at least out

Some fires are story fires.  Some fires are singing fires.  Some are
drumming/dancing fires.  Know your audience and choose your venue.  Fit in
or move along.  Do not dismiss a choice because it isn't yours.  


Rex Deaver
rdeaver at cgro.com	
"Fix the problem. Not the blame."

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