TrueRhymer at aol.com TrueRhymer at aol.com
Mon Jul 28 20:53:46 PDT 1997

I've been known to tell 3 or 4 twenty+ stories at one fire, and still get
asked for more.  Any group that can't handle more than a 5 minute story,
needs to go sit in front of their tv's...the age old art of storytelling was
made for SCA fires, but pitiful little of it is being done (at least out
here...) Would there even be an SCA without the stories and legends given to
us by those ancient tellers?  Why not go to battle with the glories of
Arthur/El Cid/Fionn Mac Cumhal/Cuchullain ringing in your head,  instead of
the usual "so there I was,......"   (True) Thomas White Hart

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