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J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
Mon Jul 28 13:37:34 PDT 1997

	Long stories?
	Well, I tell my students that a good tale can be any length, so
long as you follow a few basic rules:
	1.  If it takes one minute to set up, don't do it!  An intro
should never really be needed.  (Unless it is crediting an author!)
	2. If your story won't deliver a laugh, a sense of wonder, or a
scare every three minutes, (Two if you can,) don't do it.
	3. Ten minutes is about the maximum.  That means four to five good
giggles in a funny story, etc.  
	I do a lot of stories.  The serious ones run about four min.
Humour runs from two to ten min., depending on the audience and the theme.
	To date, I have had more requests for my tales than for my
songs...(hey, that sounds like I can't sing, doesn't it!  I have to think
that one over!)  Such a response tells me that story telling can be very
well recieved.  However, it is also, (in my own opinion), far more
difficult than song or poetry.  It is far easier to ruin a story than a

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