minstrel: Lyric Re-write revisited

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Mon Jul 28 13:33:13 PDT 1997

My deepest thanks to those of you who responded with a line of text to insert
into a song by John Dowland.   As per the request of Sian verch Gruffydd,
whose line I decided to use, I am sending the text along again with the text
suggested by Sian, as well as those suggested by others.

Come away, come sweet Love, the golden morning breaks,
all the earth, all the air of love and pleasure speaks.
Teach thine arms then to embrace
and sweet rosy lips to kiss and mix our souls in mutual bliss.
[Here is the line submitted by Sian] Rapture, hinder Time's swift pace,
pleasure, measure, Love's delight.
Haste then, sweet love, our wished flight.

Come away, come sweet Love. the golden morning wastes.
While the sun from his sphere his fiery arrow casts,
making all the shadows fly
playing, staying in the grove
to entertain the stealth of love.
Thither sweet Love, let us hie
Flying, dying in desire
winged with sweet hopes and heav'nly fire.

The other texts suggested were:

"Trust that fragile heart keeps pace,"  from rdeaver at cgro.com

"as I gaze on thy dear face,"  from Snorri at desert.net.au

Please note that verse 1 above is a combination of verses 1 and 3 of the
original text.  I combined those verses, leaving out the end of v.1 and
substituting the end of v.3 in its place,  and I omitted the first part of v.
3 of the original text all together.  I'm only telling you this so I don't
get  a lot of e-mail telling me that I don't have the text right!

Thanks again to everyone.

In gratitude,
Mary Sinclair (my real name)

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