minstrel: Re: Knowne World Bardic Circle

Kathy Lee kal35810 at Jetson.UH.EDU
Thu Jul 24 18:39:12 PDT 1997

>> Knowne World Bardic Circle
>> Atlantian Royal Encampment
>> (or "Bryce de Byram's Bardic Blowout...." ;}
>> Proclaim these words throughout the Knowne World, that on Tuesday the 12th
>> of August, Anno Societatis XXXII a great Puy shall be held in the
>> encampment of Their Majesties of Atlantia's at the Pennsic War.  Let all
>> skalds, bards, troubadours, trouveres, minstrels, and musicians attend...

Of course, in order to properly prepare for this circle, you should attend
the Ansteorran Bardic Circle on Monday night at 8:00 pm.  (Don't worry -
Byram will be there to harass, too!)


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