minstrel: Finding songs on the internet

Laura McKinstry dalm at why.net
Thu Jul 24 16:30:57 PDT 1997

MdmeMia at aol.com wrote:

> Can someone please instruct me how to find songs on the internet.

If you want to hear the music, I recommend MIDI.  There is a Netscape
Plug-in called Crescendo! if you don't have a MIDI player, such as the
one that comes with Windows '95.  So I would start with a page that has
Crescendo! for downloading:

Classical MIDI Archives:


    Go to the "Other" page for period composers.  Not all composers on
the "Others" page are period, but a lot
    are, and their dates are listed.

Early Music Midi by Curtis Clark:


I'd also recommend the excellent SCA internet sources, but someone beat
me to it. :)

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