minstrel: Canaries (the dances, not the birds)

Martin Hungerford jongleur at netcon.net.au
Thu Jul 24 16:19:42 PDT 1997

>> Re: Canaries:		approx. how fast?  I have been aiming for
>> 			blitzkrieg speed on my poor little harp.
>If you can figure out where the footsteps go, you can figure out how
>fast you have to play. Generally that translates to "blindingly fast"
>for the musician.
>They lasted at least 60 years, by the timeline in Del's Dance Book. Is
>that brief? ;-) If I recally correctly, there are no Spanish
>descriptions of the choreography. Arbeau has something simple, Caroso
>has a little bit about them. The folks on the sca-dance or rendance
>lists would know more.
>--  gb

um, the times I've played for them (Arbeau's Canarios, in Lochac) haven't 
felt that fast - swagger speed, rather than sprint. Sorry but I don't 
have a metro-gnome. :)

Martin o' Lyos

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