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I recommend that you check out songs by John Dowland, for one.  Another good
one is "Since First I Saw Your Face,"  by Thomas Ford.  There is, of course,
a lot of instrumental music that is suitable.

There is a pretty duet by Henry Rowland Bishop (not period)  on a text by Sir
Philip Sydney, called "My True Love Hath My Heart."   If the accompaniment
were done with harp, it would sound psuedoperiod, anyway.  One of the voice
parts could be done on a instrument such as recorder.

If you want to get into a somewhat later period (Baroque 1600-1750), there
will be a lot of music from which to choose - Handel, Bach, Purcell, etc.  If
you're interested in specific pieces from this period, please let me know,
because early music was my minor in graduate music school, and I sing at a
 lot of weddings!.

Perhaps you could find a Shakespearean  (or other) text that you really like
and have someone set it to period sounding music for you? 

In glad service,
Mary Sinclair   

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