minstrel: Canaries (the dances, not the birds)

Thu Jul 24 12:40:52 PDT 1997

Greetings to All!

I am a newcomer to this list, and have been furtively lurking in the
background for a few days.  (We November babies are excellent Furtive
Lurkers!)  I am new-ish to SCA, having attended a couple of fighter 
practices and a bard's group meeting.  Shortly after these events I was 
ill for several months, but now am back -- hale, hearty and ready to become 
hopelessly over-involved.  I have a couple of questions to ask.  However, 
I know many of you are furiously busy getting ready for Pennsic; so feel 
free to leave my questions on the back burner for awhile -- I don't need 
answers right away.

Re: Canaries:		approx. how fast?  I have been aiming for
			blitzkrieg speed on my poor little harp.

			Are they rather rare, or a common dance form?

			Is it just a coincidence that the only two
			I am aware of are Scottish in origin?

			Were they popular for an extended period of time,
			or were they a brief dance craze...the
			Elizabethan Macarena, as it were?

Juana Teresa de Salamanca
(mka Joan Garner)
Holy Names College, Oakland, CA

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