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At 14:52 20/07/97 PDT, Astridhr wrote:
>I cannot comment on the periodness of the legend
>itself, but I do know that there is a small part
>of Brittany (and I can't remember exactly where) that
>feels they are Welsh.  Their culture is Welsh.  They
>speak either Welsh or a variant as well as French.
>They are very loyal to their small pocket of life
>- at least the older generation was some 17 yrs 
>ago (I hate it that I can say that in reference
>to my own history).  I spent some time with
>one gentleman who was creating a book about the
>Welsh saints based upon his area's traditional history.
>Very interesting character.
>Now, I wish I had made some effort to ask
>how long the pocket had been in France and
>other things.  They reminded me somewhat of
>the Provancal people in Provance, who have
>maintained their culture and language.

   Brittany was settled by Britons (read "Celts")...as early as the Roman
invasion, folks from "Wales" moved across the channel. In French, Brittany
is "Bretagne", and the U.K. is "Grand Bretagne", so the French wouldn't
confuse the two. Brittany figures largely in the Arthurian traditions, which
came to us from the Welsh legend cycles.I could probably find you some
references, but any non-fiction work on Arthur should mention the migration
to Brittany.


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