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At 02:52 PM 7/20/97 PDT, E. Howard-Wroth wrote:

>Now, I wish I had made some effort to ask
>how long the pocket had been in France and
>other things.  They reminded me somewhat of
>the Provancal people in Provance, who have
>maintained their culture and language.

Not familiar with this "pocket", but some general history might shed some light.

Saxon depredations caused much of the Gallo-Roman population to evacuate
Western Brittany (Basse-Bretagne).  In the 5th & 6th C, this area was
re-populated by immigrants from Wales and Cornwall.  Most of the early
Breton saints are indeed Welsh (St. Samson, St. Pol, etc.) 

The Loth Line, which roughly parallels the river Vilaine and divides
Brittany approx. in half, is the demarcation between Breton speaking
Brittany and French speaking Brittany...that is overly simplistic, but good
enough for this forum:):)  Breton is *very* close to Welsh, but there are
multiple dialects.


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