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Sun Jul 20 16:04:45 PDT 1997

I am arranging a John Dowland ( 1562-1626) song for solo voice, and I was
hoping that someone could suggest lyrics for one line.  I am combining the
words from two verses, and this one line doesn't make sense in the context of
the combined verse.

The text is as follows:

Come away, come sweet love, the golden morning breaks.
All the earth, all the air of love and pleasure speaks.
Teach thine arms then to embrace
and sweet rosy lips to kiss
and mix our souls in mutual bliss.
             (???? 7 syllables, should rhyme with "embrace."?????)
Pleasure, measure love's delight.
Haste, then, sweet love, our wished flight.

(Here's verse 2, for your interest)

Come away, come sweet love, the golden morning wastes.
While the sun from his sphere his fiery arrow casts,
making all the shadows fly
playing, staying in the grove
to entertain the stealth of love.
Thither, sweet love, let us hie,
flying, dying in desire,
winged with sweet hopes and heav'nly fire.

I appreciate your response  and assistance.

Mary Sinclair
ConsortMus at aol.com

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