minstrel: Redwall

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Sat Jul 19 19:39:09 PDT 1997

Hello good lords, ladies, and people of other titles,

          I have just come incontact will a fabulous set of books called 
Redwall.  It is listed as children's or jouvenel's reading, but I have 
found it quite nice just the same.  It is about a time long ago, when 
there were warriors, queens, lords, swords..., sound familliar?  I'm not 
too sure if it is totally in the SCA theme, being a newbe, but I liked 
it and though I'd pass it along.  It is like Warthaven, in where it is a 
furry, or anthropomorphic, book, read like one of the Narnia books by C. 
S. Lewis.  A good read anyway.

Meow for now,

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