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At 10:10 AM 7/18/97 -0700, Heather Rose Jones wrote:

>Frankly, it sounds like a "friend of a friend" legend to me -- sort of
>like the stories about explorers running across tribes in northern Africa
>that spoke Welsh (always at third-hand report).

The book is early 20th C, and Spence is relating in that section songs/tales
from the "Barzaz-Breizh", a book written by Vicomte Hersart de Villemarque
in the early part of the 19th C.  Villemarque is equated with MacPherson and
his "Ossian" material at that time (tho he has gained some credence in more
recent times).  The reported incident occured in 1758.  Sebillot in his
"Traditions de la Haute-Bretagne" notes that he could get nothing in the
vicinity where the incident is supposed to have occured except "vague details".

The story is, of course, unlikely and probably apocryphal.  Doesn't make it
any less of a kewl story, tho, especially if I could identify the tune for
musical punctuation...and move it back into Period. 


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