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Subject: beowulf redux

Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss at gmu.edu>

             Meanehwael, baccat meaddehaele / monstaer lurccen
             Fulle few too many drincce / hie luccen for fyht.
             Den Hreorfneorhtthhwr / son of Hrwaerowthheororthwyl
             Aesccen aewful jeork / to steop outsyd
             Phud! Bashe! Crasch! Beoom! / De bigge gye
             Eallum his bon brak / byt his nose offe
             Wicced Godsylla / waeld on his asse
             Monstaer moppe fleor wyth / eallum men in halle
             Beowulf in bacceroome / fonecall bemaccen waes
             Hearen sound of ruccus / saed "Hwaet the helle?"
             Graben sheold strang / ond swich-blaed shcharp
             Stond feorth to fyht / the grimlic foe
             "Me," Godsylla saed / "Mac the minsemete."
             Heoro cwyc geten heold / with faemed half-nelson
             Ond flyng him lic frisbe / bac to fen
             Beowulf belly up / to meadehalle bar
             Saed "Ne foe beaten / mie faersom cung-fu."
             Eorderen cocca-colha / yce-cold, the reol thyng.

				-Tom Weller
				 "Culture Made Stupid"

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