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Wolfhawk thaney at pipcom.com
Sat Jul 5 11:20:08 PDT 1997

The date for the Petrea Thule Early Music College is finally
settled.  It will be on October 18, 1997.  It will be held at the Old
School House in Millbrook, Ontario (Canada), which is just outside of
Peterborough, Ontario.

For those of you who may not have heard about it, it is a day-long
event, garb optional, with ongoing classes and workshops followed by a
potluck dinner, in-garb concert and bardic circle.  

Our event web site is at the following address:

Whether you decide you can make it down or not, please tell everyone you
know who may be nearby; it should be a lot of fun.

For anyone who has questions regarding where Peterborough is in relation
to them, try this nifty map site: 

Also, we are still looking for people to run classes.  At the moment we
have a couple of choir workshops, a harp circle, a dance workshop, and a
class in middle-eastern percussion.

Feel free to email me for more info if you're interested.

- Arowyn
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