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Lleehill at aol.com Lleehill at aol.com
Thu Jun 26 15:00:31 PDT 1997

Passport Designs' "low-end product", MusicTime, is available for both Mac and
PC prints out nice sheet music, and can save in midi type 1 format which can
be opened, edited and played on a number of different programs.  It's very
easy to use, has a very nice midi font and guitar chords, and you can upgrade
to one of its big brothers (Rhapsody or Encore) when you outgrow it.  I
believe it may be on sale currently for $29.95 at Guitar Center (they have a
web-site and a mail order catalog online).  You may want to check it out
since it's less than the limited shareware program mentioned.  

Linda Hill/Baroness Eden Sommerhawke 

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