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Thu Jun 26 15:31:01 PDT 1997

At 20:03 25/06/97 -0700, Charissa wrote:

>There is a share-ware composition program called "NoteWorthy Composer"
>that you can download from http:///www.shareware.com .  
>It's only $39 to register
>Anyway, I see lots of lyrics floating around here (and I have lots that
>I'd like to look for) that don't do me much good without a melody, and
>I'm sure I'm not the only person who experiences this.  Is anyone else
>interested in exchanging music this way? (or does anyone have a better
>idea, say some inexpensive program for writing music into a graphic

Without the melody, there is no Music... :-)

I have Music Works2 a commercial program not much more than twice that price.

Not brilliant, and also only saves files in its own format, or as midi
files, from which it can reconstitute the printed sheet music, but doesn't
look greta for more than simple tunes.

The midi format would allow 2 ways - 
1) pplaying the midi file
2) using a program to generate the sheet music

There is also ABC which was designed for simple trad type tunes, its own
format, but there is s/w available for conversions to/from other formats
and on many OS's.


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