minstrel: Lady Morgan's copyright missive

Brett and Karen Williams brettwi at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 25 15:00:45 PDT 1997

If there are any questions raised by Lady Morgan's comments on
compyright I just forwarded to the minstrel list [with her permission,
mind you :)], such should be directed to her personal email address as
she doesn't subscribe to Minstrel.

And if messages are sent to me inadvertently, I will be on vacation for
the next two weeks, so anything sent will languish unattended until my


> Oh, please, YES!  Cross-post as you will, just warn them that I am not on
> the minstrel list so questions need to be sent directly to me, as I will
> not see anything on that list.
>                                         ---= Morgan
>            |\     THIS is the cutting edge of technology! 
>  8+%%%%%%%%I=================================================---
>            |/   Morgan Cely Cain * Hablutzel at compuserve.com
>                           Heckling in the 90's:
>             "All three of your girlfriends have ugly tattoos."

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