minstrel: Copyright Mundane Law as of 1997

J. L. James rowan at oz.net
Tue Jun 24 11:21:43 PDT 1997

> > Another trick used is sometimes called the "poor man's
> > Seal
> > your work well inside of an envelope and mail it to yourself.
> > open it
> > when you get it but store the whole envelope with its postage
mark as
> > proof
> > that the work was in a complete form by such and such a day.
>  If you do this, send it to yourself registered mail, then don't
> it. This will set a date of creation.
You might want to make two or three copies that way.  I had to open
one of mine: it was the *only* copy of the words I could lay my
on.  :}

Dame Rowan

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