minstrel: Might I take this moment to say...

Malistryx at aol.com Malistryx at aol.com
Sat Jun 21 23:24:24 PDT 1997

I would like to take this brief moment of your time to say one thing...


Having provoked all those of you not from Caid (heh heh heh), I would like to
suggest that we have an inter-kingdom "Minstrel Tourney." I mean, the Knights
and other fighters get inter-kingdom Tournies so we should have one also!
Yeah! Food, prizes (er... well... maybe a neat certificate), and lots of SEX!
(Juuuust kidding about the sex part). Heh... so whaddya' y'all think?

Justin Elggren
a.k.a.   Azriel Carnovash

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