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Efenwealt Wystle efen at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 9 09:41:29 PDT 1997

I am busy collecting lyrics for a tape/CD of SCA dances. If anyone has 
lyrics to any popular SCA dances, I would appreciate them. I can't give 
you much of anything in return except credit, and a copy of the tape (if 
it ever gets made). It will probably be a non-profit thing or a 
fundraiser for some worthy cause (besides my well-being).

Some dances I am particularly interested in are:

> Gathering Peasecods
> Rufty Tufty
> Hole in the Wall
> Jenny Pluck Pears
> Horses Bransle
> Peas Bransle
> Female Sailor (besides the xmas carol)
> Sellinger's Round
> Official Bransle (besides the xmas carol)
even the
> Maltese Bransle

So far, I've got the "Belle Qui" Pavanne, Nonesuch, and Greg has given 
me a few good sources (like Playford and some period broadsides.) So 
what I really need is words, not more sources.

Please send responses directly to me, as I don't subscribe to this list 
(only post and read the archives now and then.)

This is also good excuse to pen something if you feel the urge.

Thanks much!

Lord Efenwealt Wystle (aka Scott F. Vaughan) efen at hotmail.com
Militant Society of Bards
Merchant, Mirth-Maker, Minstrel by trade, and a Fool in my
spare time (Funny, I seem to have an awful lot of spare time.)
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