minstrel: Atlantian Hospitality

Kathy Lee kal35810 at Jetson.UH.EDU
Sat May 31 07:57:21 PDT 1997

My aunt and her boyfriend are here in Ansteorra for the week.  Last night, I
took them to their first bardic circle (They are not *yet* in the SCA).  We
stayed up until almost 1:00 am singing and playing instruments, until we
noticed that my grandmother was falling asleep.

My aunt is interested in meeting people from her area, and possibly joining
the SCA in Atlantia.  She is very musical, and already owns a wide variety
of period instruments.

She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  Her boyfriend lives in Black
Mountain.  Anyone know of any contacts nearby?

Please respond privately to KAL35810 at jetson.uh.edu

Thank you!


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