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On Wed, 28 May 1997, Charissa wrote:

> I'm ashamed to admit that the last time I tried to recall them... about
> half the words to The Song of the Shield Wall managed to disengage
> themselves from my memory... (it was their fault... not mine! really! ;)
In honor of our good friends Mistress Malkin Grey (words) and Lady
Peregrynne Windrider (music), and just because it's a very good song...

Hasten, O sea-steed   Over the swan-road
Foamy-necked ship on the froth of the sea!
Hengist has called us   From Gotland and Frisia
To Vortigern's country   His army to be.
We'll take our pay there   In sweeter-than-silver,
We'll take our plunder in richer-than-gold
For Hengist has promised us   Land for our fighting:
Land that the sons of the Saxons will hold!

Hasten, O fyrdsmen,   Down to the river
The dragon-ships come on the inflowing tide!
The lindenwood shield   And the old spear of ashwood
Are needed again   At the cold water's side.
Draw up the shield-wall   O shoulder-companions --
Later, if ever   Our story is told
They'll say that we died    Holding what we hold dearest:
Land that the sons of the Saxons will hold!

Haste, son of Godwin   North to the Danelaw
Harald Hardrada's come over the sea!
His longships he's laden   With bare-sarks from Norway
To claim Canute's crown   And our master to be.
Bitter he'll find here   The bite of our spear-points,
Hard-ruling Northman   Too strong to die old!
We'll grant him six feet   Plus ad much as he's taller
Of land that the sons of the Saxons will hold!

Haste, son of Godwin   Southward from Stamford
Victory's sweet and your men have fought hard,
But William the Bastard   Has landed at Pevensey
Burning the land   You have promised to guard.
Draw up your men   On the hilltop at Hastings
Fight till the sun falls   And evening grows cold,
Then die with the last   Of your Saxons around you
Holding the land   You were given to hold!

|---------Master Vuong Manh, C.P., Storvik, Atlantia---------|
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