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Wed May 28 14:28:46 PDT 1997

--Gunnbjorn delurks--

dd wrote:
> Hi, a friend of mine has a dub of a dub of a tape that I cant find for love
> or money. I was hoping someone on the list might help me because I have
> very little to go on and I want to buy a copy of this work.
> The really crappy tape I have access to calls him 'Baron Daibhr' or
> 'Baibler' the writing is faded and not very good.
> songs: (The spellings are mine)
> (not to worry Mother I'm) Going off to war
> Dorn Mackay
> The Cynnabar Song
> Siprion of the Wheel, (based on pennsic 2)
> On the road to Easterndowns
> Axe of Tarbainwield
> Could someone give me more information about this recording, I know its not
> exactly recent. Anyone out there with long memories?
> in service to the dream
> Sigurd Leothsanga

The man in question is Baron Daebher O'Cearbhaill MacCeartach of
Gavelkynde MacChordie. I have had the pleasure of hearing him perform
many times. He doesn't do it much anymore. He wrote the Cynnabar
Marching Song about nine years ago, at the request of His Grace Duke Sir
Dag (who was just Sir Dag then), but Daebher wasn't a Cynnabar person
himself. He was active in one of the cantons of the Barony Andlecrag (I
forget which), and last I knew still occasionally shows up at events in
that area. The only copies of his works that I know of are either nine
years or more old, or copies of old tapes, and I seldom run across two
of his tapes with the same set of songs. 

If you like, I'll give a copy of your inquiry to the one person I know
who would know how to contact him.

Gunnbjorn Gunnarsson

The Blues Viking Online!

--Gunnbjorn re-lurks--

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