minstrel: Song info: Servant of the Sword, and Showers are all Warm

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Wed May 21 08:45:08 PDT 1997

This is the full, (correct) text of the song:

Mead for the Servant 
	by Lord Aegid

I forged my blade in the fires of my wrathful indignation 
I quenched the steel in the ice of my veins
I hear the fierd in their armor, impatient in the dawn
I hear the lookout cry at sight of land, the hosting of the foes

So ready axe, shield, & spear
to my war-horn pay good heed
I'll be the first on the land today 
or taste Valhalla's mead

All this for life and for honor,
And for right of kingly sway,
All this for loot and for plunder 
And for mercenary pay!

Yet says their priest, "We are brothers,
Each cherished of their lord."
But I say, "Let us die as we have lived!
Servants of the sword!"


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