minstrel: Song info: Servant of the Sword, and Showers are all Warm

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Wed May 21 08:40:54 PDT 1997

>I am looking for info about the song Servant of the Sword.  chorus & verse
>I forged my blade in the fires of my wrathful indignation 
>I qenched the steel in the icy blood that flows within my veins
>I hear the (sp) (feered) in their armor, preparing for the dawn
>I hear the lookout shout! He's sighted land, the massing of the foes
>So ready axe, shield, & spear
>to my war-horn pay good heed
>I'll be the first on the land today 
>or taste Valhalla's mead
>I have this attributed to Aeged of Meridies, but my source for the song
>has been unable to verify it, and has found nobody who knows this gentle.
>Does anyone know 1)  If Aeged did write this or 2) who might have, and 3)
>where that gentle might be contacted today?  
>Many thanks
OK, Here's the scoop:  I met Lord Aegid at Border Raids 1992.  I taped the
bardic circle that we had and passed the tape along to Baroness Julitta des
Cheveaux, MSoB who promptly included it (and a few others of his) on her
learning tapes.  The song is his, he wrote it and I have it on tape in his
voice.  Unfortunately, he promptly dropped off the face of the Earth and we
haven't been able to find him since.


Rathflaed DuNoir
the Black Bard of Meridies, MSoB

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