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Cadet's Lament
tune: Dragon Road 
J.P. De Leon and Martin of Lncolnshire
cadets to Don Haroon

'Twas on the third of August, with Pennsic on the way
Half a dozen Dons who said they'd make us pay
For there had been a party, hanovers galore
Our marshalls were unconscious and our fighters really sore

        And there were Orchids, Orchids running from the field
        We were right behind them, hot upon their heels 
        And there were Portos, Portos filling all the woods
        They were out to get us because we were too damn good.

The cadets were not discouraged, we were set to ifght
Though we had drunk tow gallons of the finest mead that night
Martin was disshevled; J.P. was just the same
and the Moor that travelled with us was took drunk to know his name.


Don Ansgar got the slow pokes, Don Mouse got even more
Sucking down our liquor were some members of the Horde
We finally woke our champion, he would make them pay
But he really pulled a boner when he drew his blade that day 


His dagger was all rusted, his epee missed its mark
And as the fight continued his poor armour fell apart
He stumbled and he fumbled; he tore his shirt with lace
And we didn't think it funny when he fell upon his face


Our fighters bravely battled, but it was all for naught
For we had no tthe measure of the Circle that we fought
Twas our bard who finally saved us, for she could do no wrong
And she really had 'em running when she belted out this song

Chorus 2X

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