minstrel: The Return of the LA DreamShapers!!!!

Rob Seutter rseutter at ascvideo.com
Mon May 19 17:02:55 PDT 1997

A long time ago, in a suburb, far, far away......There was a group of
tellers that had weekly storytelling events called Dreamshapers.  For
2.5 years, they had tellers and musicians of every stripe perform and
even occasionally packed the house! They charged 5 dollars at the door,
and split the take between the tellers and the performance house.....

DreamShapers are baaaaaaaaaack!
I am happy to announce that a site for Storytelling in N. Hollywood has
been found, after the loss of both Eagles/ Raven perfomance spot, and
Java Goddess...
At a bookshop/ designer furniture store called "Ravens Flight" in North
Hollywood, 5042, Vineland Avene, North Hollywood, (818)985-2944. Every
3rd Friday of the month.
They had a grand opening on Saturday, with a wonderful all female
percussion group called Gaia's heart, and with storyteller True Thomas.
After the concert, they had a large back patio area where they had a
firepit to tell stories around.
It also happens to be right next to my favorite Thai resteraunt "the
little thai cafe"
I am looking to have a good kick off on July 18th, and need all the
fantastic tellers, musicians, etc. who made the stage at Eagles come
alive, to rally around this new area.  Once again, we hope to have a
regular venue for storytelling performances in LA. (you know, where
people can come and see great Tellers for a reasonable price!)
If you are a West Coast teller, or are going to be in the neighborhood,
please give me an E-mail.  There is an old joke..."what's the difference
between Yogurt and L.A.? Yogurt has an active, thriving, culture!"  I
think the West Coast tellers can help change this...Give me a Zap! (True
Thomas, the Storyteller) (This goes for you SCA types too! Minstrels,
Troubadours, Skalds and others welcome)
New (temporary) E-mail address  RSeutter at ascvideo.com

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