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Martin Hungerford jongleur at netcon.net.au
Sun May 18 20:59:29 PDT 1997

>I was at a folksing last night with an Estonian man who brought a single
>drone bagpipe made with the skin of a critter like a raccoon. It was a
>bellows driven thing that had the chanter coming out of the mouth and the
>drone coming out of the other end. When he played it he almost looked like
>he was doing the fingering for the raccoon. It was really neat. Bet its at
>least traditional, dont know if its period, but its 'image' certainly is.

Its traditional all right! I once saw a set of Polish (sp? from Poland) 
called Gertrude. These were bellows driven using a goat. The air went in 
one fore-leg hole, a drone came out of the other (the drone went over the 
player's shoulder), while the chanter came out of a stock carved to 
resemble a goat's head (inc horns) blowing the chanter. The hind legs 
were tied off and a mirror inserted under the tail. It looked as if the 
goat was hugging the player, and turning its head over its shoulder to 
blow! Very cute indeed!

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