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jean hayes wrote:
> >As for the rest of the world --- most places have bagpipes
> >Andrew Davis
> I once saw a picture of Hungarian pipes. The bag cover (or maybe the whole
> bag?) was made of animal skin, -don't know what animal- but the hair was
> light colored and very long, and looked very sikly. Don't know how they
> kept the bag in place. Seems like it would slide out from under your arm
> very easily. Never actually saw anyone play it - just saw the picture.
> Jean

Likely a goat or possibly a dog. My Duda has a goat skin. It is
traditional for shepherds to use the skin of their old sheep dog as a
bag. In fact there is a very sad Hungarian lament in which the singer
is  mourning his old dog and says all that he has to remember him by is
his bagpipe.


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I hope not too many people mind my forwarding this to the list - I had to tell
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