minstrel: Ja nus on Pris

Chip & Holly W. norseman at voicenet.com
Wed May 14 21:40:13 PDT 1997

I'm looking for the words to "Ja nus on pris," the song supposedly written
by Richard the Lionhearted as he languished as a hostage.

I sang it in the Debatable Lands Choir six or seven years ago and think I
will remember the tune if I only can find the words.  Not having much luck
even at my State library.

I remember bits and pieces which may well be incorrect:  

Ja nus on pris ne dira saison
A droite mon mai povre sun li don
Mai par effort pue til faire chancon
Mou te ami ???
Honte avron se por ma reon son
Sui ca deux iver prie.

Ack!  It's driving me crazy - got the tune but only gobblegook for words.
My mind's a sieve.

An english translation would be nice, too, if anyone knows it.


Linette de Gallardon

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