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To any with reach of going

I received this today - I cannot go 'cause my car don't float, but if 
some-one does go, please tell us all about it. It looks wonderful!


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>Forgive me if this has already been posted on this list.  My mind is in an
>unraveled condition from too much dance organizing work!  My room-mate sent it
>to me and it seemed like something of great interest to this group, and I 
>recall seeing it before.

Barbara Ruth
New Haven, CT

> The Lute Society of America is sponsoring a dance workshop in conjunction
> with its annual summer seminar, which is focusing on dance-related music in
> renaissance and baroque lute repertoires.  It will take place from June 16
> -20 at Smith College In Northampton, MA.  The following is excerpted from the
> seminar brochure.  If you would like to receive the printed brochure, please
> e-mail your postal address to MEPash at aol.com, or call 413-747-0334.
> Daily Schedule
> 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.  Baroque Dance.  Participants will learn characteristic
> dances of the period, including bourree, minuet, sarabande and gigue.  The
> class is open to dancers, actors and musicians at a beginner to intermediate
> level.  The class will be accompanied by live music.  Instructor:  Cheryl
> Stafford (with Meg Pash and Catherine Liddell working with the musicians)
> Noon - 1:30 p.m.  Lunch (included in tuition fee).  Much informal discussion
> takes place at the lunch tables!
> 1:30 - 2:45 p.m.  Historical Dance Forum.  Open to dancers and actors (and
> musicians who are interested in the research aspect of historical dance).
>  Discussion of sources, reconstruction techniques, social context, costume,
> and musical performance practice.  Additional studio work as desired by
> participants.  Instructors:  Cheryl Stafford and Meg Pash
> 3:00p.m. - 4:15 p.m.  Renaissance Dance.  Participants will learn
> characteristic dances of the period, including pavane, galliard, branles, and
> canario.  The class is open to dancers, actors and musicians at a beginner to
> intermediate level.  The class will be accompanied by live music.
>  Instructor:  Cheryl Stafford (with Meg Pash and Douglas Freundlich working
> with the musicians)
> On Monday June 16, at 7:30 p.m. there will be a lecture by noted dance
> historian Rebecca Harris-Warrick on dance type and tempo in baroque music.
>  She will be joined by dancer Ken Pierce and lutenist Catherine Liddell.
> On Wednesday or Thursday, June 18 or 19 (tba), at 4:30 p.m. there will be a
> lecture demonstration by dancer Cheryl Stafford on renaissance dance,
> accompanied by members of the workshop faculty.
> Tuition is $275 for all five days, or $60 per day.  Lunch is included in the
> tuition fee.  Dinner reservations at a cost of $12.25 may be made in advance
> if you wish to stay for the lecture on June 16.  There may be a limited
> number of dorm rooms left for out-of-town participants at a cost of $250
> (single) or $275 (double), including meals from dinner on June 15 through
> breakfast on June 21.  Contact Meg Pash at 413-747-0334 for information.
> Faculty Bios
> Cheryl Stafford is a consummate performer and choreographer trained in
> classical, modern, ethnic and historical dance.  A graduate of the University
> of Cincinnati, she has received many accolades over a distinguished career.
>  She is the founder of the Cincinnati Court Dancers and during the past
> twenty years has taught at numerous workshops and institutes.  She is known
> for her rigorous approach to authenticity, while at the same time cherishing
> the delight and social aspects of the dances.
> Meg Pash studied historical dance with Julia Sutton at New England
> Conservatory of Music in Boston.  She subsequently joined the faculties of
> the Early Music Performance and Music History Departments at NEC, teaching
> early vocal repertoire, renaissance and baroque performance practice, and
> directing the Collegium Musicum.  She currently teaches the historical dance
> class in the Five College Early Music Program in western Massachusetts, and
> is the Director of the Outreach Program for the Boston Early Music Festival.
> Rebecca Harris-Warrick (6/16 lecture), Associate Professor of Music at
> Cornell University, brings to her specialization in the field of French
> baroque music an interdisciplinary background in musicology, performance,
> dance history, and literature.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with
> honors in Comparative Literature from Brandeis University and a Doctor of
> Musical Arts degree in the Performance Practice of Early Music from Stanford
> University.  She has published extensively in her field.
> Ken Pierce (6/16 lecture), has specialized in early dance for close to
> fifteen years.  Currently director of the Ken Pierce Baroque Dance Company,
> he has also performed with the Court Dance Company of New York, the New York
> Baroque DAnce Company, Ris et Danceries (Paris), Danse Baroque Toronto, and
> the baroque dance trio Hemiole (Paris) of which he was a cofounder.  Director
> of the early dance program at the Longy School of Music (Cambridge, MA), Mr.
> Pierce has taught at workshops in Europe and the United States.
> This workshop is being given in conjunction with the Lute Society of America
> Summer Seminar which offers classes to lutenists in renaissance and baroque
> techniques, repertoires, and special topics.  This year's distinguished
> faculty includes Robert Barto, Douglas Freundlich, Catherine Liddell, Ronn
> McFarlane, and Lyle Nordstrom.

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