minstrel: Pagan Book Review????

Alexandria Long longalex at pirates.Armstrong.EDU
Thu May 8 10:12:02 PDT 1997

> >        Hi kids.  I'm thinking about buying "The Big Bards Book of Pagan
> Songs",  and was wondering if anyone had an opinion/review of the book...
> >

I saw the same book in a catalog about a year ago, and recently found out
that one of my friends had bought it. Too bad they wasted money (only my
opinion). If your interest lies in singing songs around campfires at
new age "pagan" gatherings, it's a great find. If your interest is
performing remotely period-sounding or remotely relevant music to and for
SCA, forget it. If I reach really far I can pull out this relevance: the
book contains songs which some would consider religious. The SCA focuses
on a time period during which religion was a major focus of everyday life.
That's about the closest this book will ever get to the SCA.
---Ceara ni Neill

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