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Tue May 6 18:36:30 PDT 1997

On Tue, 6 May 1997, rodger c. francis II wrote:

> >        Hi kids.  I'm thinking about buying "The Big Bards Book of Pagan
> Songs",  and was wondering if anyone had an opinion/review of the book...

I sawthis book at a Highland Games a few years back.  I flipped through
it.  My impression of it was "Tbbbptpttbhtbthtptptptptptp!!!"
It seemed to me to be mostly New Age songs written by a New Age pagan who
was under the impression that what he was doing was related in some way to
an ancient practice.  I saw nothing in it but New Age stuff, which is fine
if that is what you are looking for, but as to weather I would buy this
book to use for SCA purposes, I would think twice.  Nothing in it looked
to be remotely similar to somethig that could be sort of period sounding.
But that is just my opinion.  Like I said, I saw this book a few years
back, and my memory may have been corrupted a bit since then.  It might
not even be the same book, although the title sounds the same.  Is this
book all hand-written with cheezy illustrations?
(who didn't mean to sound so harsh, but just got out of a lengthy exam,
and so is slightly tense)  ;)

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