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Martin Hungerford jongleur at netcon.net.au
Tue May 6 16:53:16 PDT 1997

Milords and miladies,
        I came across a curious text in a second-hand bookshop recently, and was wondering if any might know more of it.

The book is:
             "The Wise Men of Schilda"
             Adapted for children by
       Erich Sielaff from the first edition of 1598
         and from the Narrenbuch of 1811

    Translation by Moya Gillespie with illustrations by Erich Gürtzig.          

         Published by Oliver & Boyd, 1968.

It contains a series of stories about the foolish doing of a town of once wise men. Given the date of original publication, its obviously period, but can anyone tell me more about the original text. I'd be quite happy to publish stories from it (depending on Copywrite of course but it has been 29 years since 1968) or even the entire volume (there are 44 chapters in my vol. - all short!) 

Better would be to find an adult transtlation - where.

I look forward to your responces,
Martin (who tells the odd story from time to time)

This is Martin Hungerford, aka Martin Jongleur,
   aka Martin o' Lyos OL (Called the Juggler)
Piper, Juggler, Stiltwalker, Unicyclist, Singer, Firebug, Idiot

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