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> Some songs are more accessible (i.e., less wierd-sounding) than others.  For
> example, (cf my earlier "if you can't teach an alternative, don't
> criticize!" post), most folks know the "Rose" round.  (Many learned it at
> church camp as the "Love Round.")  There's a perfectly period set of lyrics
> in ME, just exotic enough to give the singers a sense of accomplishment.
>         phonetically:
>         "Ros-a, ros-a, ros-a, ros-a
>         All nicht by the rose I lay
>         Darf Ich nought the ros-a shteala
>         Yet Ich bar the flour away"

Hej Der from Owen,

Actually  it's (from the fly leaf of the Rawlinson MS)

All nist by the ros-e, ros-e
all nist by the rose i lay
darf ich noust the ros-e stele
and yet ich bar the four away

The music was (of course) not written down, but I figured that it was a
reasonable stretch to use the existing "Rose round" tune for it.

> Lord Owen Alun (btuck at minstrel.com) has assembled _The Northshield
> Singbook_, a collection of authentic yet accessible period and near-period
> songs, with lyrics and music notation.  I'm sure that he'd be happy to ship
> a copy to any interested party.  I think the price is ten bucks, and no, I
> don't get a commission.  

Brendan is being a little generous -- the singbook is about 
1/3 period 
1/3 arguably period style (based on what I knew when I 
			   put it together 5 years ago)
1/3 not too blatantly modern

(and it's $8 + shipping, not $10) :)

in another post, same topic

Corrie (Brendan):

> > It takes time (months, mind you, and longer!) to
> > train an audience to enjoy for-true period stuff.  Why?  Mostly because the
> > melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structure is completely foreign to modern
> > ears.  

Greg wrote:

> Don't sell yourself so short. First off, there is a lot of 16th
> century material which doesn't sound foreign at all. For example,
> Ravenscroft (1609/11, yeah yeah) has Of All the Birds, We be Souldiers
> Three, Martin Said To His Man, Three Ravens, etc. None of these are
> weird at all. There are also a bunch of rounds there.

Don't buy into the "intolerant audience" thing too much.  People mostly
will learn to like what they hear (just think of Andrew Lloyd Weber)  If
you want to perform period work, do so.  You may not get huge crowds at
first, but over time, people will come to appreciate it more and more.  We
have to lead in this, not follow the least common demominator.

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