minstrel: Run run away

Katherine Penney Katherine_Penney at ccm.jf.intel.com
Mon May 5 13:15:00 PDT 1997

* Has anyone else heard this song?
     I don't know, but I haven't  :)
* Is it based on a traditional song?
     I think Chameleons are indigenous to South/Central America, no?
* Is there any evidence of songs like "Green Grow the Rushes"
  in the Period?
     Yes.  There are several Green Grow (including a dirty one called Green 
     Grow the Rashes-oh!)
* Do Civil War re-enactment groups have anything like bardic circles?
     Weeeelll.... They have "Lyceums" (and I think I butchered the spelling 
     of the word) which are like a "talent show" where they get up on stage 
     and do documentable stuff (without documenting, mind you, because 
     documentation wasn't period)...and they sing around the fire, 
     sure...but they'll bop you on the head if you're performing OOP stuff 
     -like reciting Gone With The Wind...Aren't you glad the SCA doesn't 
     bop you every time you recite Monty Python or the Princess Bride?
     While I enjoyed the research levels and the documentation, Civil war 
     reenactment would have been very good for me only if there was 
     something else for females to do besides cook and do laundry (or act 
     like a ho) all day.  It got really really really annoying to go to an 
     event and cook and do laundry all day and then arrive home and see 
     piles of dirty clothes and dishes and all that crud to put away...and 
     the guys were too "tired" after fighting in battles all day to clean 
     who definitely does not speak for Intel...

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