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Fri May 2 13:10:40 PDT 1997

Sorry about the short notice on this, but I just read it in the paper this
morning.  I think Ray Hicks may be there.  He is one of the last great
Appalachian story-tellers, and anyone who can should go see him.  If I
didn't have to work this weekend, I'd be there.

WHAT:  "Tell it in the Mountains" storytelling festival
WHEN:  May 2-4, various locations around Asheville, NC
HIGHLIGHTS:  8pm Friday "olio" at Central Methodist Church
	     8:30pm Saturday "Stories Under the Stars" at Rankin Parking
	     Deck; 10:30am Sunday "Sacred Stories" at Diana Wortham
	     Theatre, Pack Place
HOW MUCH:  Friday, $12.  Saturday "day" events, $20.  Sat. evening, $12.
	   Full weekend, except workshop, $40.  Sat. and Sun. pass, $34.
INFORMATION:  (704)259-5306

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