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I think that one of the problems people have with the word "bard" seems to
be that every SCA performer calls his or herself by that name, even if it
is not appropriate.  
	What I would like to do to help remedy this is to compile a series
of short articles that would serve as an introduction to various classes
of performers from our period.  This was one of the first things I wanted
to accomplish when I became Atlantia's Royal Bard.  I wanted to have these
articles available to give to people that are interested in the "bardic
arts" so that they would have a little somthing to go by, and perhaps be
introduced to a type of performer that they did not know existed
otherwise.  I would make these articles available to every Atlantian royal
Bard after me, as well as anyone else who requested a copy of the series
(probably over the internet, to avoid ooo-poos of copying costs).  
	To do this, since I don't know everything (or even anything) about
all types of period performers, I would need lots of help in the form of
writing articles.  Now, I can handle my own little corner of the northern
British Isles, and you have seen part of my research on that, but I need
other articles.  I posted this request for help in the Acorn (Atlanita's
Newsletter) but have gotten no responce so far.  Given the amount of
discussion on this list about period performing classes, I thought I would
also ask for help here.
	Anyone interested in writing such an article (it needn't be long,
I'm just looking for an introduction to give people an idea of what's out
there) please contact me.  Who knows, if this takes off, we may have new
performers calling themselve jonglueres, trouvers, scads, and (gasp! God
forbid!) even minstrels!
	Let me know if anyone is interested.

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