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Tue Apr 29 09:25:13 PDT 1997

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>Attention East Kingdom Bards!

>Count Bjorn Karlson is sponsoring a fund-raising tape for the East
>Kingdom.  Details were in Pikestaff a couple of months ago, but here's
>the gist:

>The tape will showcase various bards of the East realm performing
>pieces pertaining to our Kingdom and the SCA, love, or war.  All
>profits from the tape will go the East Kingdom treasury.  

>Anyone interested in contributing should send a tape of no more than
>three pieces of their period or original music or poetry ASAP. Please
>also send hard copy of the lyrics and an SASE for return mail.  Send
>it to Holly Wood, 346 Dorwart circle, Etters, PA  17319.  

>Within a month or two, Bjorn et. al. will select the contributors
>desired, and arrangements will be made for the official recording
>sessions, hopefully before Pennsic.

>I am extending the submission time by two weeks, until May 15, because
>of the very poor turnout so far.  Come on, where are all those bards
>that perform for hours by the campfires?  Why did you all turn shy?

>Linette de Gallardon


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