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>>At first glance, this sems to show that Macbeth was not one to
>>suffer fools gladly, but a careful rereading shows that the punishment
>>was just for unlicensed professional fools....
>>-- Alfredo
>Presumably they were popular with the peasantry and disrupted work.  
>On the other hand, patroned performers had the status of their patron to 
>back them up.  They also had visible means of support.

>From what I've been reading, it seems the problem was that freelance
minstrels were dashing off counterfiet charters and charging chartered
minstrel rates.  The official minstrels got narky about this, and the
assorted kings responded.

Also, the fact that minstrels were considered welcome everywhere regardless
of nationality meant that they had a power that could be abused: a woman is
recorded to have disguised herself as a minstrel and ridden a horse into
some English king's court (I don't have doco on me so I can't recall who's)
to throw a rude and treasonous bit of paper at him.  It means we've got
foolproof doco of female minstrels within period, but it annoyed the king
no end.

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