minstrel: Fyrewalking and hospitality

Fruitbat fruitbat at macquarie.matra.com.au
Mon Apr 28 15:45:37 PDT 1997

>> Of course, Lochac is a much friendlier place than the rest of the Known
>> World, so no minstrel ever needs to beg for a drink round here...
> Where is that? I'd like to visit!

Hmmmm... I'm not sure, myself.  I just got caught in a big storm one night
and washed up on the beach.  It's a pretty big place, and bits of it are
hilly, flat, dusty, misty, scorching, snowy, grassy, barren, dry and soggy.
 Oh, and there are these REALLY big rats that carry their young around in
sort of aprons sewn on to their bellies.  And people keep saying things
like "who'll come a-freaking the mundanes with me" and "that's not a
broadsword, THAT's a broadsword".  Apart from that, I don't think I can
help you.  But if you ever make it here, look for the barony of
Politarchopolis and ask for me, and I'll buy you a drink (non-alchoholic,
to save your throat).

: Karl Faustus von Aachen :

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