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Rex Deaver rdeaver at cgro.com
Mon Apr 28 06:37:54 PDT 1997

At 09:22 AM 4/27/97 -0400, Harold Feld wrote:

>Still it occasionally yields some fruit.  I'll pose the following question.
>I recently posted a new poem in the style of a Shakesperean sonnet.
>Nothing in the poem was modern, except that I wrote it.  Was it "aping a
>dead tradition?"  If not, does it not demonstrate the possibility of
>creating new, dynamic, original work in a period format?

Sonnets are a personal favorite of mine.  Emotionally, I don't care if it is
"aping" or not, a good sonnet will get my vote every time! :)

Philosophically, I cannot consider using Period forms as "aping"...it is a
creative process, and a particularly Period creative process.  It is
insistence on not just the form but the content, i.e., only duplicating
actual Period works, not new works in Period forms, and insisting that to be
the *only* valid expression, that I find fault with.


Rex Deaver
rdeaver at cgro.com	
"Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme."

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