minstrel: Fyrewalking and hospitality

Edwin Hewitt brogoose at pe.net
Sun Apr 27 18:21:54 PDT 1997

At 02:10 PM 4/25/97 -0500, Rex Deaver wrote:
>And, IMO, looking longingly at your empty cup and commenting on the dryness
>of your throat is *not* asking for a gift...

It's not?!  I sounds less than subtle to me.

>I would not hesitate to ask for a drink if my throat was parched in any other
>situation, I have trouble understanding what would make this one any
>different.  A camp that won't give a thirsty traveler a drink is not one I
>care to be at, fyrewalking or not.

It is true that most people in the SCA will gladly offer a thirsty traveler
a drink - this is courtesy.  Going from camp to camp LOOKING for a drink
is not.  I trust this is not what you are suggesting.

As for the obligation to accept hospitality, this is often overlooked.  I 
have accepted some pretty gosh-awful homebrew from time to time.  I do,
however, applaud the spirit (if not the spirits).


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