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At 06:25 PM 4/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>btw, please be careful wtih your addressing. You sent your last mail
>to owner-minstrel and minstrel-digest, neither of which will send to
>the list. Since you are a digest subscriber, you will always have to
>explicitly send replies to "minstrel at pbm.com" to send them to the

Thanks for the tip.  Does the digest have a "reply-to" field?  That would
simplify things.

>BTW, what do you do about people in your audience who know that the
>modern tune you think sounds period really isn't?
>-- g

If the tune really and truly does sound period, then people in the audience
who happen to know it's new should smile silently and compliment me
afterwards on my cleverness som that I may compliment them on their
astuteness.  OTOH, if I'm doing a modern-sounding piece that I in my
ignorance think is period-sounding (perhaps because the original song
referenced knights or magic or folklore, as I have heard some folks do, and
as I myself did in my younger, more ignorant days) then perhaps some quiet,
one-on-one mentoring would be in order.  Something along the lines of,
"Milord, I applaud you for your performance.  Perhaps you may know that your
song was of modern origin.  Would you like to learn a period piece?"  Note:
If you undertake to make such a speech, do it IN PRIVATE, and be for-dam
ready to teach the person a for-real-and-prove-it period piece.  IOW, if all
you can say is, "Nyah, nyah, that's not per-i-oodd, and I know iitt!!" then
keep yer trap shut.  

Brendan, who has been there, done that, and had it done to me in various places.
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