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Sandra Davis tristan&isolde at pstbbs.com
Sat Apr 26 01:42:52 PDT 1997

>>>(snip) . . .the acronym "FUBWBA", that is, "Fat Ugly Broad With
>>>a Bad Attitude". . . . (snip)

Pendar posted:

>What defines a Fubwba is not physical attributes but attitude.

Then why include the *Fat, Ugly, Broad* portion?

>It is not a sin to hold strong opinions, but being narrow minded 
>about it and refusing to listen to the counsel of others is the 
>defining element of a fubwba. 

Then why not include those qualities as part of the description, rather than
the physical or gender based slurs of *Fat, Ugly and Broad*?

>Fubwba's as peers are the ones who hold all future candidates up
>to an ideal that they didn't meet themselves when they were 
>granted peerage.

And in your Kingdom, the only peers guilty of this sin are women who 
are heavier than average and do not conform to your definition of beautiful?

>I could come up with more examples, but I think you get the idea.

Yes, I think I do.

In service-


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