minstrel: Bards, Ceilidhs, and Ye Olde Englyshe

Martin Hungerford jongleur at netcon.net.au
Fri Apr 25 19:57:15 PDT 1997

>I beg to differ.  Also "common modern" practise originated in the 
>Victorian era, there was *no* rule about adding final "e" or not until 
>the Enlightenment, when They more or less invented "proper" spelling.  
>Look at Chaucer, for example--sometimes he uses them, sometimes he 
>doesn't, and the pronunciation thereof depends wholly on metrical 
>demand.  The word "kind" could be rendered kind, kynd, kinde, or kynde.
snip snip snippity

my understanding of Chaucer's usage is that he was reflecting the 
on-going loss of noun declensions in his writing.

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