minstrel: Fyrewalking and hospitality

Harold Feld hfeld at ids2.idsonline.com
Fri Apr 25 14:49:39 PDT 1997

At 1:53 PM 4/25/97, Alexandria Long wrote:
>Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I've done plenty of firewalking and
>only on occasion has anyone ever offered to refill my cup. Anything beyond
>that is unheard of to my experience; of course I consider it rude to ask
>for gifts, but if the opportunity to be rewarded for a performance is
>there, why have I never encountered it?
>---Ceara ni Neill

Most likely it is the geographic area in which you play.

Now, I will make a few distrinctions.  I do some work on commission.  i.e.,
you tell me what you want and I will write it.  For this, I demand payment.
The payment I demand is whatever you do -- and an equivalent amount of it.
Poetry is work and even though I do it for free (because I love doing it),
I want people to appreciate that it is a skill.

By "whatever you do" I mean something that it takes you an equal amount of
time to produce.  I have received garb, wood-work, and a philosophical
lecture for a series of classes I ran.

There are also situations in which the host is known for rewarding
performers who please him/her with particular trinkets.  For example, Duke
Cariodoc is famed for giving silver armbands to those who come to his
bardic circle and who please him with (what he conisders) an extrodinary

Then there are those who hire folks.  I have performed for hire on occasion.

Finally, you can encourage the practice by doing what I do.  I buy up
silver dollar pieces (cost = $8/piece) and try to give them out to those
performers I think worthy.  Largess need not be confined to crowns, or even

Harold Feld
Yaakov HaMizrachi

"Do not ask 'Why are these days not as good as the days of old?' This
question is not prompted by wisdom." -Eccl.

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